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Bob Wayne: launches "Still Truckin", 1st track taken from "Bad Hombre"

Bob Wayne: • 10.03.2017 • After releasing "Hits The Hits", an album with cover versions of some of the world's biggest hits, the singer, songwriter, storyteller and nomad BOB WAYNE is back to telling his own stories on his new album "Bad Hombre" some of which drew influences from meeting people while he is doing what means the most to him: Being out on the road, traveling to distant places, going to many remote little towns and villages throughout the world, playing live and meeting the most diverse people.
Today he is giving you a first taste of "Bad Hombre", which is due for a release May 5th, by making the 1st track available. "Still Truckin" might sound like a hymn to life on the road at first, while it was actually a song Bob wrote for his musical hero Red Simpson who had many truck driving hits in the 1960's. Simpson was due to record the song but sadly passed away early in 2016, so Bob decided to bring the song to life himself in Red Simpson's honor.
Check out "Still Truckin":

As of today you can already preorder "Bad Hombre" via the PLY webshop. Make sure to secure a copy of the strictly limited LP+CD in red vinyl:
On the upcoming European tour BOB WAYNE will have a limited version of the LP+CD in dark green vinyl available at the merchandise booth.
If you preorder a digital copy of "Bad Hombre" via iTunes or Amazon you already get access to the song "Still Truckin". Check out various preorder options for "Bad Hombre":

The release of "Bad Hombre" will be accompanied by extensive European touring. BOB WAYNE on the upcoming album "Bad Hombre" and touring: "The new BOB WAYNE record is sure to be an instant classic with tracks such as 'Hell Yeah', 'Mr. Bandana' 'Still Truckin' ,'The Hangin Tree' and many more! This album truly captures the art of BOB WAYNE's story telling that we have come to love over the years!
So saddle up your horses, folks, and get ready for another good ride with BOB WAYNE through 2017 as the "Bad Hombre" hits the road! YEEEEHAW!"

28.04.17 (FR) Chessy - Billy Bob's Country Western Saloon
29.04.17 (DE) Essen - Freak Show Bar
30.04.17 (BE) Bruges - Barock
01.05.17 (DE) Lübeck - Maifest at Treibstrand
02.05.17 (DE) Leipzig - Naumanns
03.05.17 (DE) Cologne - Sonic Ballroom
04.05.17 (DE) Darmstadt - Bessunger Knabenschule
05.05.17 (DE) Berlin - Cortina Bob
06.05.17 (DE) Olbernhau - JUZ
07.05.17 (DE) Nürnberg - Z-Bau
08.05.17 (DE) Jena - Café Wagner
10.05.17 (NL) Den Haag - Het Paard
11.05.17 (NL) Zwolle - Hedon
12.05.17 (NL) Breda - Mezz
13.05.17 (BE) Oostmalle - Battle Royal
14.05.17 (NL) Sneek - Het Bolwerk
18.05.17 (ES) Bilbao - Sala Azkena
19.05.17 (ES) Madrid - Gruta 77
21.05.17 (ES) Barcelona - Rocksound
23.05.17 (ES) A Coruna - Fórum Celticum
24.05.17 (ES) Aldeamayor De Sam Martin - El Zagal
25.05.17 (ES) Estepona - Louie Louie
26.05.17 (PT) Loulé - Bafo de Baco
27.05.17 (PT) Lisbon - Stairway Club
31.05.17 (ES) Alicante - La Gramola
03.06.17 (FR) Rennes - Tattoo Convention
04.06.17 (FR) Paris - Le Méchanique Ondulatoire
05.06.17 (FR) Nancy - 915 Kaffe
06.06.17 (DE) Hamburg - Hafenklang
07.06.17 (DE) Kiel - Schaubude
08.06.17 (DK) Copenhagen - KB18
09.06.17 (SE) Solvesborg - Sweden Rock Festival
10.06.17 (SE) Höganäs - Garage Bar
12.06.17 (SE) Eksjö - Backarp Kulla
21.06.17 (NL) Groningen - Vera
22.06.17 (NL) Hoofddorp - Duycker
23.06.17 (NL) Rotterdam - Rotterdam Bluegrass Festival
25.06.17 (BE) Waardamme - MRE
26.06.17 (DE) Mannheim - Der Bock
27.06.17 (DE) Krefeld - Kulturrampe
28.06.17 (NL) Deventer - Burgerweeshuis
29.06.17 (BE) Hasselt - De Witte Non
30.06.17 (BE) Antwerp - Casa Louisa
01.07.17 (NL) Rossum - Rosrock
03.07.17 (DE) Trier - Exhaus
13.07.17 (CZ) Ostrava - Barrák Club
14.07.17 (CZ) Tabor - Mighty Sounds Festival
15.07.17 (DE) Siegen - Vortex Surfer
16.07.17 (BE) Gent - Gentse Feesten

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